Sunday, July 6, 2008

Long time no post _ I'm back!

Since my last post (I couldn't go a whole year without posting) there has been a lot going on. I've learned some new techniques, I have a new office (in addition to Bellevue). I have a new motorcycle. All of my new additions are creating much additional happiness.

This past May, I went to St. Pete Beach to learn from James Waslaski. He's a world reknown massage therapist. He's been the massage therapist for several Olympics and the New York Yankees. He teaches some really good stuff now. I went for an Orthopaedic Masssage class. He calls it "high end sports massage". I have found that it works on athletes and non-athletes alike. It makes my job easier and brings about quicker results. Of course, results are directly related to muscle memory. If you've been living with an injury for a while and it just keeps nagging, it establishes deeper memory thus making resolution longer. I advise all of my clients to take action when injury occurs and resolution will be much faster. I should listen to my own advice. We all think we'll be better tomorrow. I'll write more later about this technque.

My new office is at 2300 21st Ave S. It's inside Middle Tennessee Wellness Center. I started going as a patient seeing Dr. Jeff Lamberth. Next thing you know, I'm working there Tues and Thurs. It's a great place to be and he's a great chiropractor. In addition to helping me, he's helped several of my clients as well. Of course he does manipulative therapies, however he is different from most chiros. He's not the traditional back and neck cracker. He also uses "cold laser therapy" This is really high tech stuff that works well at healing soft tissue injuries.

My new motorcycle is a Kawasaki Ninja 650R. It's bright green for extra visibility and I'm really careful when riding it. I'm watching out for the other driver so please don't tell me "you're gonna get killed". I am REALLY careful. I rode 125 miles this morning with my neighbor Don and my old friend Russ. They have Ninja 250's. We're calling ouselves "Wild Ninja's in the Hood" after the recent movie Wild Hogs in the Hood.

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Jude said...

I love that you have a motorcycle now! Congratulations!

I want you to take me somewhere on it :)

And we need to go eat lunch, I've been a bad friend.